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The 5th Annual Jacobsburg Powder Horn Class was held in January of 2013

The 5th Annual Jacobsburg Powder Horn Class

The 5th annual HCH sponsored powder horn class was held this past January in the newly renovated craft center at the Jacobsburg Historical Society. Most HCH members know this is site of our annual Summer Reception. Seven students were shown the process of turning a cow horn into a graceful, functional, black powder container.


For many years there has been a very successful flintlock rifle class at Jacobsburg. The addition of a horn class 5 years ago, by the Guild, has been a great addition to their craft program and has introduced over 35 people to the art of making a horn.


One of the students this year was Jim Newell. Jim has been a member of the Honourable Company of Horners for a number of years and had the following to say about the class:

“Over all these years, I have collected and made horns with little actual training or understanding of the art of horn work. This January, I attended the horn making class at Jacobsburg, where I finally experienced my first thorough understanding of the proper architecture of the classic powder horn. What a wonderful experience it was! I can’t say enough thanks to the many members of the Horn Guild that gave one-on-one help to an old novice. The Horn Guild should be proud of their members who volunteer their time and skills. All the course fees go to the Historical Society.”


Plans are now underway to hold an advanced class to teach scrimshaw, staining and decorating the horn. This class will be taught by John DeWald and will be held over the weekend of June 8 and 9th at the Jacobsburg Craft Center. John is an extremely talented Guild member and has recently advanced in the Guild. The cost is $120.00.


If any one is interested in more information about the Horn Class or the Advanced Horn Decorating Class, please contact Frank Willis at 908-246-8935 or John DeWald at 570-220-6450. Class size is limited, so please let us know if you wish to attend.

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